The Manakish & Naanza story so far


Flour, water, salt, oil – simple ingredients, yet when they’re combined they create something incredibly special. 

Flatbreads have been baked for millennia and are still enjoyed around the world today. At Manakish & Naanza, we’ve updated the flatbread and created something everyone loves. 

Emilio Malik and Javier Troitino-Ramos came up with the idea for Manakish & Naanza during the UK’s first lockdown in spring 2020. They wanted to combine authentic Middle Eastern and Asian flatbreads with modern toppings, creating fast food that doesn’t compromise on taste, health or quality. 

And we’re thinking big. Our plan is to expand to 30 stores in the next three years, so everyone in the UK and beyond can enjoy the Manakish & Naanza experience.